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The Contents of the skip hired from Twin City Skip Bins remains the property of the client until such time as the client pays Twin City Skip Bins the full hire charge. If after a reasonable time the hirer has not paid Twin City Skip Bins the full hire charge, then the client agrees that Twin City Skip Bins may empty the skip at the client's site, office or place of residence without further notice.

It is a basic condition of hire that no asbestos based materials or other hazardous material will be placed in a skip bin provided to a hirer by Twin City Skip Bins. 

If at the time of collection of a skip from the client's site or, when a skip is tipped at landfill having been returned from the client's site and the bin is found to contain any asbestos based materials or any other hazardous materials, then Twin City Skip Bins will charge the hirer for any and all costs of disposing of the contaminated contents of the skip and for any remedial services Twin City Skip Bins has to undertake which are attributable to having a skip returned by a hirer which contains asbestos based materials or other hazardous material. 
Information regarding the disposal and handling of asbestos and other hazardous materials can be reviewed at: 
NSW Customers: Department of Environment, Climate & Water (DECC) Phone 131555 or view site at Victorian Customers: Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Phone 03 96952722 or view site at 


The Customer will pay Twin City Skip Bins on or prior to delivery of container unless otherwise arranged when ordering the skip. 

In these Terms and Conditions, the following expression will, where the context admits, have the following meaning: 

“Equipment” means the equipment described as mobile skip bin used for the storage of waste material including stationary units, & mobile units, waste material loading device, and such other on-site devices as may be specified on the face thereof. 

“Customer” means the customer named on delivery docket, receipt or invoice. If the customer comprises more then one person, expression includes each of the jointly and severally. 

“Service” means the service described in “services provided”.

Customer’s Obligations:

1.The equipment provided by the contractor is for the storage and collection of non-hazardous waste materials.

2.The Customer shall be responsible for the cleanliness and safekeeping of the equipment.

3.The Customer shall not overload the equipment above the top rail, nor use it for incineration purposes, and shall be responsible for any loss or damage. 

4.The Customer warrants that the bin hired will not contain any hazardous or toxic waste as defined by applicable laws or regulations of the Commonwealth and States and Territories of Australia and that no free flowing liquids or viscous materials shall be deposited by the customer into the equipment. 

5.No mechanical means will be used to compact the contents being placed in the equipment.                                        


6.On collection day, the contractor’s vehicle shall have access to the equipment. If the equipment is blocked to prohibit collection, customer will be notified and an additional attempt for collection shall be made by Contractor’s vehicle. Any further attempts made for collection will be classified “extra service” and so duly charged.


7. The Customer shall not tow the skip on site unless prior arrangement with Twin City Skip Bins.                                 

8. The Customer shall not enter or stand on the skip & if so may be liable for any damage.

 9.The customer shall not place any concrete,bricks,tiles or dirt in skip without prior notice as these products are not quoted in basic price due to weight restrictions.

Charges & Payments:

10.Payment shall be made by customer to Twin City Skip Bins on or prior to delivery (unless by agreed arrangement) via Cash or Direct Debit.

11.A surcharge will apply to the following items when placed in any of our skips without notice. Tyres, Mattresses, Gas Cylinders, Concrete, Bricks, Tiles & Soil.(Please see pricing page)

12.The initial charge includes the first 500kgs. Any additional weight will be charged at current landfill rates.

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